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For over 10 years of development, web design company Vinalink MEDIA JSC has seen continuous development. Precursor is a Center of Information Technology Association of Vietnam (VAIP) since 1999, then equitization in 2004, so far developed Vinalink website design services for over 300 agencies and organizations. About SEO ranking on Google, Vinalink is the pioneer since 2001 and is the service provider top 10 Google Ranking first in Vietnam and now is still on top of a service to Vietnam the top 10 keywords on Google Web sites with hundreds of keywords in a position TOP GOOGLE as “web design, web promotion, web care, SEO services …”. Vinalink is the first company to apply SEO, SMO and CRO customers to your website and advise customers to recover the capital invested in the website (ROI), web promotion site so that customers achieve optimal efficiency Best. Therefore Vinalink the major partners such as Alibaba, Viettel, pharmaceutical associations and dozens of companies, large investment funds to find out, through consultants to develop large web systems, e-commerce website and ability to ensure effective system for the web. Vinalink in 2010 was co-founder WEB DESIGN OF VIETNAM. We believe that the products do for our website will reach a level superior to proprietary interfaces, Web intelligence, holistic optimization, increase usability of the site many times. Special guests will be advised and trained a high-level courses on SEO / SMO / CRO-free at (340 USD value) to outrun all competitors on the field.

Big clients: Honda, Vietnam Airlines, Association of Pharmaceutical, Trading Floor U.S. Steel, Fitness Club Industry, attracting, Vinashin, Journal of Automobile – Motorcycles, College of Economics QD, HITACHI, Heineken, Henessy, World Bank, and over 300 other major companies.

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Văn phòng Công ty tại Hà Nội – 59 Hàng Chuối – Hà Nội
ĐT: 04-39726746 – 39726747 – 22061773 – Fax: 04 39726746.
Email : vinalink@gmail.com
Website : www.vinalink.com , www.thietkeweb.vn , www.quangbaweb.com

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Địa chỉ : 87 Thân Nhân Trung, P.13, Q.Tân Bình, TP.HCM
Điện thọai : +84 (08) 22.468.357 – 22.448.906 – 22.448.907
0903.976.769 – 0903.976.369 – 0908.976.769
Fax : +84 (08)  38.122.921
Email: kinhdoanh@thietkeweb.com

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About Vinalink Design

Vinalink design là công ty thuộc Vinalink media - Doanh nghiệp 14 năm kinh nghiệm thiết kế web cao cấp cho hơn 1000 công ty trong đó có Yamaha, Lifan, Toyota, Vietinbank, VNPT, Marine Time Bank, Thiên Đường Bảo Sơn, Thể Công, HUD, Lilama, Honda.... Không chỉ đơn giản là thiết kế web, Vinalink Design tư vấn web theo tiêu chuẩn SEO, SMO, CRO, UI, UX... để đảm bảo quý khách sẽ tăng được ít nhất 50% lượng đặt hàng qua website ! Chúng tôi sẵn sàng cam kết điều này nếu quý vị gọi điện đặt lịch tư vấn : 04-382.12345 (Hanoi). TPHCM, Đà nẵng hay ngoài giờ? : 0915157599. Email : vinalink@gmail.com